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In 1991 we thought “Batteries? We can also do without. So we launched the Swatch Automatic, the first watch that just needed one to move for the mechanism to groove.



Then in 1995, advanced technologies turned everyone’s favorite watch into a ski pass, freezing this moment forever in time. The Swatch Solar, created the same year, gave Mother Nature the power to power time itself. Sunny side up. Like with the eggs



Hitting like a meteor, dropping the jaws of the industry , SKIN was created. The thinnest watch line in the world was born, and 1997 was forever changed.


In 2004 we launched the first Connected watch, the Swatch “Paparazzi”, connecting people with wireless internet connection wherever they were, and offering instant messaging, news, and weather.


In 2013 we took innovation to a new level with SISTEM51. Kicking a revolution in the way of thinking, with a brand new fully automatic factory, new technologies, and materials. The automatic watch with only 51 pieces – not like the usual hundreds painfully put together by hand - and united by 1 (you heard it well) unique central screw. Bing, bang, boom.


Paying for your groceries in 2015 became as easy as telling time when we integrated a payment function in our watches with the Swatch Bellamy models.


In September 2020, Swatch will add a further highlight to its colorful brand history, replacing all conventional by bio-sourced materials and premiering in a collection that brings the iconic design of the first Swatch models to the present day. Off to the next chapter : BIORELOADED !